How We Help

Innovative thinking for every phase of the business cycle.

Successful businesses start with a smart plan. Maximizing efficiency, anticipating problems, fixing them when they occur and making the best use of technology.

The Herron Business Law team works side-by-side with you to provide practical legal, financial and management guidance tailored to your needs.


You’ve got a great idea. Now what? The Herron Business Law team helps you understand your options in forming and structuring an entity, work through ownership, partnership and employment issues, and manage the all-important process of funding. Based on our experience, there’s something all successful startups share, no matter the industry: a smart, thoughtful business plan to allocate resources and minimize entrepreneurial risk. Let us help you build it.

General Business Issues

How do you structure your business? Negotiate contracts? Manage cash flow? Choose insurance? Navigate regulatory issues? Make payroll? Plan for taxes? Deal with litigation? Work through employment issues? Work though financial issues? The team at Herron Business Law works to create custom solutions based on your organization’s goals and circumstances. From startups to mature businesses in heavily regulated industries, we provide thoughtful, innovative approaches to every facet of your business. Additionally, we routinely team with accounting firms, larger law firms, and business brokers on behalf of our clients to ensure you’re making the most efficient use of their expertise and resources.


Liquor Law

Restaurateurs, microbrewers, distillers, wineries and various business owners in the beverage alcohol and hospitality industries turn to Herron Business Law to help guide them through this highly nuanced area of law. Our boutique experience allows us to quickly pivot to meet the additional needs of our industry clients, whether those relate to traditional licensing work or ancillary matters related to employment, leases, transactions and real estate. We can help you develop a strategy to maneuver through regulatory obstacles efficiently and allow you to focus on the parts of your business that you’re passionate about.




From strategy to execution, Herron Business Law’s commercial litigation practice focuses on helping our clients resolve their most difficult issues. Whether routine or complex, our firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants at both the federal and state level. Our goal is to minimize disruptions to your business. In doing so, we provide you with effective and appropriate solutions to your legal matters, whether that be through negotiating settlement or litigating a highly contested trial to verdict.


Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Our team has decades of experience in helping people navigate bankruptcy as a strategy. In fact, our sister firm, The Debt Doctors, has helped thousands of people weather financial storms and discover that there is ‘life after debt.’ As a result, we can help you identify and solve problems before they ever become problems so you maintain a viable, healthy business even through difficult times or, if a bankruptcy is required, we can advise you how to use the process to propel you into new opportunities. With our unique perspective, we look at every business from the flip side, helping you employ strategies that are both practical and creative for you and your company’s growth and protection.

Business generalists, industry specialists.

Businesses are about choices.

At every phase, every day, you’re making decisions big and small. We’re here to help business owners guide their organizations. Some industries require levels of expertise that goes deeper than day-to-day operations. At Herron Business Law, we have vast experience in the bar and restaurant, health care and construction industries, as well as a passion for each, that give you the edge for success.

However, our expertise is not limited to these areas, and over the years we’ve found our advice can help anyone who’s serious about running a great business.

Bars & Restaurants

In addition to the complexities of liquor licensing, bars and restaurants need to be prepared for a host of legal matters. Whether health and safety concerns, permits and licenses, insurance, employment or even intellectual property issues, your Herron Business Law team can help you identify the issues that are most relevant to your business and work through the strategies that provide the best legal protection.


Growing up in the family contracting business, Matt Herron learned a few things about the industry: that construction businesses require constant maintenance, that you can plan for some of the universal pitfalls like seasonality, finding and managing employees, protecting assets and, ultimately, a healthy bottom line. Let the team at Herron Business Law help you develop smart legal strategies to set your firm up for success. Our construction law practice covers a wide range of services from contracts, litigation, financing, insurance, permits, employment and more.

Health Care

The health care industry is both heavily regulated and rapidly changing. Which is why organizations, large and small, turn to Herron Business Law to address a wide range of legal services. Whether establishing financing or structuring, regulation compliance, fraud and abuse counsel, or working through contracts or litigation, the Herron Business Law team is well-positioned to guide you through each step to ensure you’re putting your health care related business in the best possible position to succeed.